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Ready to get your self-esteem back? 

Natty & Shredded is the Workout and Nutrition  

Program your mind and body have been waiting for.  


Stressed, frustrated, and feel like your identity is getting away from you? 


Confused by the fake fitness claims and false promises you find online? 


Want someone to show you what really works? 


We need to talk… 

My name is Mark Balet, I’m a French singer-songwriter with a passion for Fitness and Nutrition. For years I’ve been helping men and women from all walks of life transform themselves while making their health the priority. As a 40-year-old Coach based in Miami Beach, Florida, I’ve helped athletes, actors, celebrities, and real people just like you live better lives. No matter how difficult it may seem, it starts today with three words: Natty & Shredded. 


Here’s why my approach is tried and tested by thousands of  

people who have achieved results they never thought possible:  


  • Fast: Escape the frustration and disappointment of never seeing changes in the mirror 

  • Healthy: Unlock the NEW YOU in 8 weeks without ever going hungry or missing out 

  • Sustainable: We’ll beat stress for good with life-changing habits that last a lifetime  



Real science, real results   

No idea how you can build muscle and tone up while also cutting your body fat and never going hungry? Everywhere you look online you’ll find an ‘expert’ with a complex program, but nothing seems to work. Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to anymore.  


I’m going to show you the exact same approach I’ve used to build quality lean muscle and get shredded the natural way with easy-to-follow steps. Trust me, the results really do speak for themselves:  


  • Defeat Depression by taking action to boost your self-esteem and energy levels 

  • Conquer the Overwhelm with simple daily habits and 24/7 coaching guidance  

  • Enjoy Life with a clean, natty diet (whole foods) that helps rejuvenate your body 

  • Do More with superfoods, natural pre-workouts, fat burning drinks, and detox drinks that really work 


The only reason you haven’t conquered your fitness goal already is that  

no one has sat down and told you how. That’s why I’m here.  



Ready to start moving? 

In only 8 weeks you can take pride in who you see in the mirror, rediscover your energy, feel attractive, optimize your mental health, and improve your outlook on life. Thousands have already done it by making a simple choice… 



Option 1: Train at home 

  1. HIIT Training with no equipment 

  1. Burn fat, build muscle, and improve your cardio  

  1. Perfect for fitting around work and family life  
    Option 2: Hit the gym 

  1. Resistance, strength, and cardio training 

  1. Burn fat, build muscle, and improve your cardio 

  1. Perfect if you have a more flexible schedule  


Both Workout forms can be alternated 

What do you get? 

23-Page PDF Nutrition and Training Program:  


Nutrition Guide on Clean Eating, Balanced Diet, and Natural Supplements 
Healthy Meal options optimized for Fat Loss, Muscle Building, and Shredding 
Natural Recipes of Pre-workouts, Energy Boosters, Fat Burning Drinks  

HIIT Training Program at Home 
Complete Abs Circuits: Six-Pack, Obliques, and Core 
Resistance/Strength Training and Cardio for the Gym 


12-Page PDF: 10 Pillars for a Lean Body 
Exclusive Training Videos:   
Complete Workouts 
Recipes and Tips  
8 Science-Based Methods for a Fast and Healthy Transformation 
Free Coaching Support & 1-on-1 WhatsApp 24/7  
1x Scheduled Consultation Call (Limited) 
Lifetime Access & Exclusive Content! 
Got a question? 
I’m fluent in English, French and Spanish. 
Join Natty & Shredded.

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Programme Entraînement & Nutrition

Natty & Shredded (Français)

La vie sous une nouvelle forme.

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